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Direct Billing to ICBC and your insurance company. Same day / next day bookings.

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Your Expert Therapist for ICBC Injury

Have you met with a car accident recently and are in the process of recovery? You can speed up the recovery process and promote your overall well-being with the help of our expert post-accident treatment services. And, if you are an insurance policyholder with ICBC injury claims, there is good news!

With this provision, you can receive our expert post-accident care services without having to pay your bills. We are a direct billing establishment. When you receive our services, Muse Wellness will send your bill directly to your insurance company as they are liable to pay it under Enhanced Accident Benefits claims.

Recover with Our Safe and Effective Healthcare Services

Meeting with a car accident is one of the worst experiences you will ever come across. However, you cannot evade the inevitable, and once you receive your primary treatment at a reliable hospital, our team is here to speed up your recovery process. To help you recover from your ICBC injury, here, at our reputed rehabilitation clinic, we offer a range of post-accident massage services.

Some of them are as follows.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial tissues support and surround the muscles of a person’s body. When a person meets with an ICBC injury, these tissues develop tightness and tenderness. A Myofascial release therapy offered by one of our experts will enable those tissues to release the tension build-up and help you get relaxation from the muscle pain.

Such a treatment will ultimately improve your range of motion as it will relax and lengthen those Myofascial tissues.

Deep Tissue Therapy

Receiving an expert deep tissue massage is essential in your healing process if you have met with an ICBC accident injury and have developed scar tissue. A deep tissue massage is all about using sustained pressure with slow and deep strokes, concentrating on the inner layers of the muscles and tissues that have been affected by the injury.

Here, at our care clinic, our therapists have the right skills and experience to conduct an error-free deep tissue massage on your affected areas, which will help in releasing tension and breaking the scar tissues. Receiving a deep tissue massage therapy at our clinic will also speed up your recovery process by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation.

Swedish Massage

Another great way to attain relaxation after you meet with an ICBC injury is a Swedish massage. This massage uses gentle pressure and is beneficial for loosening the tight muscles in your body which are causing stiffness and hampering your everyday activities.

Receiving a quality Swedish massage at our wellness clinic will assist you a great deal in attaining relaxation and in a speedy recovery. Receiving this massage therapy will also help in calming your nervous system, promoting faster healing and easing the discomfort that you are suffering from.

We Offer Direct Billing Services

When you choose to receive our safe and effective care services for an ICBC injury, you do not need to pay the bills on your own. It is your insurance agency that will cover the expenses for the quality treatment you will receive post your injury. So you can attain peace of mind and focus on relaxing and healing. Connect with us for learning more about our services. You can also follow our Facebook for more!