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What Is Joint Mobilization Technique And How It Is Helpful?

Chronic musculoskeletal issues can be alleviated with a therapeutic method called joint mobilization, which is performed manually. Joint mobilization (delivering a force that is slow and smooth, like the glide between bones) is performed slowly to assist restore normal movement to the afflicted joint. Joint mobilizations increases range of motion, minimizes muscle spasms and stress, and improves joint mobility.

Have you been suffering from joint stiffness, discomfort, and lack of mobility?

At Muse Wellness, we have highly-skilled, licensed, and insured RMTs to perform joint mobilization. Let us assess your condition and deliver you the result.

We are committed to your service

We’re dedicated to providing first-rate service. To improve our patients’ overall well-being, we at Muse wellness collaborate with our patients to find solutions that work for them. If you are looking for best joint mobilization treatment, you can rely on our expert physical therapists to get you back to a pain-free life. We are committed to being the premier provider of high-quality, evidence-based physical therapy in the region.

What Happens when a joint has limited motion?

Do you have trouble moving your joints? Joint mobilization is a common treatment for such conditions. Physical therapists at Muse Wellness employ this method to passively increase joint mobility and alleviate discomfort. When mobility in a joint is restricted, cartilage within the joint loses its nutrient supply, and neighboring joints compensate by moving more than usual. As a result, the neighboring joints wear down prematurely from usage. Stiffness occurs when the muscles around a joint become overly contracted and unable to relax normally.

It is better that you start your treatment as soon as possible. We are here to help. Neglecting the signs and symptoms could be dangerous. It may permanently damage your movements. You are just one step away from getting back in your fast track life.

Joint mobilization technique and grade system

Only very skilled physiotherapists should attempt this method. Wrong movements of the joints can make the situation worse. Physiotherapists at Muse Wellness are skilled and have been practicing joint mobilization technique since decades. For this technique to work as planned, the patient must be in a relax state. It is the duty of the physiotherapist to make the patient feel comfortable and relax. Mobilization begins with the identification of the joint to be moved. The range of joint mobilization grades is from 1 to 5. We will decide the number of sessions you require and the grade of range after assessing your case.

Do you need to take precautions?

The physiotherapist at Muse Wellness determines when these methods are appropriate by looking at the patient’s anatomy and the patient’s pathology. It is necessary to gain an understanding of the problem before deciding if joint mobilization is appropriate for a given musculoskeletal issue.

Although joint mobilization is an effective treatment for many types of joint dysfunction, it should be avoided in some situations, such as osteoporosis, fracture, arthritis, etc. Injuries and fractures can occur as a result of joint mobilization and must be treated immediately. For this reason, it is imperative that these procedures be carried out by a qualified physiotherapist.

We prioritize a pain free life

Professionalism, friendliness, and encouragement characterize physical therapy at Muse Wellness. Our goal is to help our clients get fantastic results as rapidly as possible while still having a good time in the process. Joint mobilization along with other physiotherapy modalities may bring a faster recovery process. Our top priority is to help our patients regain their mobility and function through joint mobilization method. We educate our clients to avoid future injury. Our joint mobilization treatment is evidence-based. We introduce our patients with our previous clients to help them get back the confidence. We strive to better the lives of those around us by providing our patients with A-GRADE treatment. You can also follow our Facebook for more!