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Treat Tight And Sore Muscles With Myofascial Release Therapy In Delta BC

Do you often find your muscles to be too stiff? The discomfort in your muscles can seriously disrupt your daily life, but with our Myofascial release therapy in Delta BC, you can put an end to your suffering. Many people who suffer from Myofascial pain syndrome (causing you chronic discomfort) choose for Myofascial release, a form of physical therapy.

Please feel free to schedule an appointment with one of our physical therapists to learn more about the many uses of Myofascial release.

Can You Avail Our Myofascial Release Therapy In Delta BC?

Muscle irritation is the root of Myofascial pain, and if you suffer from this problem, you might find relief from the Myofascial release therapies offered at Muse Wellness. Myofascial release therapy in Delta BC helps to reverse this painless motion by relaxing the tight muscles. We can surely treat a wide variety of ailments with our Myofascial release therapy,

  • Muscle stiffness might also result from an injury. By relaxing the muscle tissue around the injured area, our Myofascial release therapy can help speed up the body’s natural ability to mend itself.
  • Myofascial release is useful in massaging the muscles surrounding the jaw in patients with the joint problem. It reduces swelling and pain.
  • Multiple-muscular stiffness is another possible symptom of fibromyalgia. Once our therapists find the affected areas, they will administer a soothing Myofascial release therapy.
  • By massaging the tense muscles in and around the head and neck, Myofascial release can also provide relief from migraine.
  • Myofascial pain syndrome, one of the most prevalent conditions, is associated with discomfort in a wide range of muscle groups.
  • Myofascial release alleviates vein discomfort by facilitating better blood flow.
  • Our Myofascial release technique can help people with carpal tunnel.

Let Us Diagnose Root Causes

Both muscular and skeletal stress can cause Myofascial pain. A trigger point formed by the contraction of muscles can be a source of pain. Unless you look after the area, the restriction will block blood flow to the affected structures, intensifying the contraction process.

At the first visit, we will assess how much range of motion has been lost and how off-center your body is by measuring the fascia in question. Each session should last at least half-an hour, and ideally 50, as in every day or every few days. Experience the benefits of hands-on Myofascial release therapy in Delta BC from a skilled therapist in the comfort of a private therapy room.

Do we suggest any additional treatment?

We can use Myofascial release therapy in Delta BC as both a preliminary step and a supplementary modality. Myofascial therapy is not the only noninvasive treatment option for pain management and joint mobility maintenance for patients. Use of heat to relax tight muscles or cold to reduce swelling is two common methodsu of treatment. You can maintain and enhance flexibility and range of motion by self-stretching activities to boost blood flow to the affected areas.

Myofascial release therapy in Delta BC at Muse Wellness can also help surgical patients or sportsmen get in better position before a game by realigning the muscles and bones. Myofascial release therapy can complement other alternative techniques, such as acupuncture, manipulation, and physical therapy.

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We Are Committed To Our Clients

The physiotherapists in Delta BC are experts in Myofascial release therapy in Delta BC. We have a deep grasp of the precise pressure locations that, when applied, will restore your fascia to its elastic state. Myofascial release is a massage technique used in physical therapy to decrease pain by reducing muscular tension. Contact our physiotherapy clinic in Delta right away, if you think Myofascial release could help.