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Safe and Effective Stone Massage Treatments in Delta, BC 

A stone (hot or cold) massage is a type of massage therapy which is introduced for easing tensed muscles and repairing damaged soft tissues throughout the receiver’s body. If you are looking to attain complete relaxation of your body, visit us for receiving safe and highly effective stone massage sessions offered by our expert and experienced massage therapists.

While offering a hot stone massage therapy, our therapist will place smooth, flat, heated stones on selected parts of your body. These stones are a type of volcanic rock and are capable of retaining heat.

Parts of your body on which our therapist will place the stones during a treatment include

  • On your back
  • On your stomach
  • Your chest
  • On the face
  • On the palms, feet, and toes.

How Can Our Stone Massage Treatment Benefit You?

Massage treatments fall under the category of alternative medicine as they promote relaxation and well-being without using any medicine. Listed below are some benefits you can attain by choosing our expert hot stone massage treatment.

It Will Help Relieving Pain and Muscle Tension

Appropriate application of heat has been proven to be an effective way to release muscle tension and body pain. A hot stone massage will help increase blood flow to an affected area, allowing you to experience comfort and relaxation. This type of massage will also assist you in reducing muscle spasms and increasing flexibility.

On the other hand, a cold stone massage therapy will help you in alleviating inflammation.

It Will Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Another good reason to opt for our stone massage treatment is that it will help you eliminate stress and anxiety. Several studies have established that stone massage reduces stress and anxiety and also helps in improving your cardiovascular health.

It Will Promote Quality Sleep

Do you have trouble getting quality sleep due to stress, anxiety, or insomnia? Then receiving our expert stone massage services can help. Getting adequate sleep each night is essential for good physical and cognitive well-being.

Our stone massage therapies will help restore your sleep and minimize signs of insomnia.

It Will Enhance Joint Flexibility

If you are experiencing symptoms of muscle tension, it will make it difficult for you to move your joints. Our expert hot stone massage treatment will help relax your muscles and make it easier and more comfortable for you to move.

Reason to Choose Us for Receiving Stone Massage Services

A massage is a form of therapeutic medicine that needs expert professional skills to be conducted appropriately. You cannot expect to attain the benefits of a massage therapy if it is not applied by a qualified professional.

We are a licensed and reputed wellness clinic in Delta, BC, dedicated to offering the highest quality healthcare services to our valued clients.

Here is why you should choose us:

  • Certified, trained, and experienced massage therapists
  • Safe and hygienic environment
  • Flexible and dedicated services
  • Our prices are affordable

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Muse Wellness today for an exceptional experience!