Advance Diploma in Massage Therapy Wellness Program

Unlock Your Wellness Future

Complete 18 Months Advance Diploma in Massage Therapy Wellness Program and start Earning
$10K CAD /month. Gain practical experience while studying and Get job at Muse Wellness Clinic once completed studies and awaiting for PR.

Get paid<br />
₹6 lakh/month

Your Success Begins Here

Muse Wellness Clinic established in Canada Looking for International Students who wish to Study in Canada and Get Permanent Residency.

Why Choose US.

  • High-Demand field With Multiple career Paths.
  • Comprehensive 18-month program: Develop Practical Skills and Theoretical Knowledge.
  • Personalized Support: Benefit from Dedicated instructors and Career Advisors.
  • Modern facilities: Train in a state-of-the-Art Clinic with Advanced Equipment.
  • No prior experience required.
  • Live and work in Canada.
  • Fast-track to Permanent Residency.

Your Dream, Our Support

  • Focus on Studying: Pursue your passion in wellness without paperwork woes.
  • Expert Guidance: We handle all Documentation, Admission, immigration, and visa processes.
  • Smooth Transition: Find comfortable homestay or hostel accommodation upon Arrival.
  • Flexible Options: Explore scholarship opportunities and convenient payment plans.
Study in Canada

Gain valuable Canadian experience

Live and work in Canada

while awaiting Permanent Residency!

Jobs in Canada

Transition Your Career

Earn $10K CAD/month

at our clinic after Graduation!

Are you eligible?

Minimum 6 bands in each IELTS module?

Willing to study for 18 months?

Study Fees Applicable

Success Stories

"Studying at Muse Wellness Centre has been a game-changer for me. Not only did I receive top-notch education in wellness, but I also had the opportunity to earn while learning, which was incredible. The 18-month Advance Diploma program provided me with practical skills and job placement assistance, making my transition to the workforce seamless. I highly recommend Muse Wellness to anyone looking to kickstart their career in Canada!"

Dhruv Sharma

"Choosing Muse Wellness for my wellness studies was the best decision I made. As a student from Punjab, India, the program's focus on fast-tracking to Permanent Residency was immensely beneficial. The experienced instructors and modern facilities provided an enriching learning environment. The opportunity to earn ₹6 lakh/month while awaiting PR truly sets Muse Wellness apart. I can confidently say that Muse Wellness paved the way for my successful career in Canada!"

Kuldeep Goel

"Muse Wellness Centre exceeded all my expectations. From the moment I enrolled, I felt supported every step of the way. The comprehensive 18-month program equipped me with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the wellness industry. The job placement assistance was invaluable, and I landed my dream career soon after graduation. If you're passionate about wellness and seeking opportunities in Canada, Muse Wellness is the perfect choice!"

Nidhi Verma

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